Rhinestone Evil Eye Charm Round Pendant Layer Chain Necklace - Madeline Love

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Rhinestone Embellished Evil Eye Charm Round Pendant Multi Layered Chain Necklace, beautifully crafted with rhinestone embellished charms, belief says that when someone eyes your good fortune with jealousy or gluttony, bad luck in some form is bound to befall you, the evil eye is seen in some cultures as a symbol to protect and ward off negative energy. That's why wearing this everyday can bring you good luck! Be confident everywhere you go! Fabulous gift, ideal for your loved one or yourself.

  • Color : Gold, Silver
  • Theme : Evil Eye
  • Necklace Size : 16" + 3" L
  • Pendant Size : 0.75" X 0.75"
  • Rhinestone Embellished Evil Eye Round Pendant Layered Necklace