Floral Patterned Woven Ruana Poncho - Madeline Love

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Floral Patterned Woven Ruana Poncho, with the latest trend in ladies' outfit cover-up! the high-quality woven ruana poncho is soft, comfortable, and warm but lightweight. Stay protected from the chilly weather while taking your elegant looks to a whole new level with an eye-catching, luxurious casual outfit for women! Its beautiful color variation goes with every outfit and surely makes you stand out from the crowd. It's perfect for your daily, casual, party, evening, vacation, and other special events outfits. A fantastic gift for your friends or family.
  • Color : Black, Camel
  • Theme : Flower & Leaf
  • Size : 43.3" X 31.5"
  • Material : 100% Acrylic
  • Floral Patterned Woven Ruana Poncho