Colored Edge Front Pockets Zipper Cape Ruana Jacket - Madeline Love

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Colored Edge Front Pockets Zipper Jacket, delicate, warm, on-trend & fabulous, a luxe addition to any cold-weather ensemble. Great for daily wear in the cold winter to protect you against the chill, classic infinity-style amps up the glamour with a plush material that feels amazing and snuggled up against your body. This jacket with a slouchy half sleeve is the perfect accessory featuring the oh-so-trendy soft chic garment, which keeps you warm, and a toasty, sleeveless jacket for those who like extra layers without bulkiness. You can throw it on over so many pieces elevating any casual outfit! Perfect Gift for wife, mom, birthday, holiday, etc.
  • Color: Beige, Black, Gray, Ivory
  • Size : One Size
  • Material : 100% Poly. Microfiber
  • Colored Edge Front Pockets Zipper Jacket