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Boho Patterned Faux Leather Suede Tassel Detailed Fanny Pack Crossbody Belt Bag, look like the ultimate fashionista when carrying this small chic bag, great for when you need something small to carry or drop in your bag. Keep your keys handy & ready for opening doors as soon as you arrive.

  • Color: Coral, Light Blue, Gray, Teal
  • Theme: Tassel
  • Bag Size: 8.75" X 6.5"
  • Tassel Size : 13" L
  • Belt Available Size : 27.5" L - 40.5" L / Detachable
  • Chain Strap Size : 24" L / Detachable
  • No Inside Pocket
  • Snap Button Closure
  • Carried around the waist or in the hand
  • Boho Patterned Faux Leather Suede Tassel Fanny Pack / Belt / Crossbody Bag
    Light Blue