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Peacock Feather Printed Ruana Poncho, beautifully Peacock Feather designed Poncho is made of soft and breathable material that amps up your real and gorgeous look with a perfect attraction anywhere, anytime. Its eye-catchy design makes it unique from others and makes you stand out. Coordinate with any ensemble to finish in perfect style and get ready to receive beautiful compliments. It will be your favorite accessory to wear everywhere with confidence. It's easy to put on and down. Perfect Gift for Wife, Mom, or the persons you love and care for their Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Fun Night Out, etc. Stay gorgeous!

 Color : Blue, Gold, Green, Red, Black
 Theme : Feather
 Size : 35.4" X 70.8"
 Material : 100% Polyester
 Peacock Feather Printed Ruana Poncho