C.C Straw Sun Visor Colorful Cutout Faux Leather Trim Band - Madeline Love

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C.C Faux leather Trim Band Sun Visor, suitable to wear even with various hair styles such as a ponytail Includes a plastic wire along the trim of the sun visor for increased durability. Features a roll-up function; incredibly convenient as it is foldable for easy storage or for taking on the go while traveling. Wonderful UV Protection Summer sun hat that is perfect for gardening, walking along the beach, hanging by the pool, or any other outdoor activities.

  • Colors: Black, Toast, White
  • Material: 75% paper 25% polyester
  • Size: One size
  • Made in China
  • C.C Straw Sun Visor With Colorful Cutout Faux Leather Trim Band